Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Look Daggers - "That Look" Remix

The Look Daggers album has been out for a few months now, and for those who have yet to cop the CD+DVD "Suffer In Style" you are definitely missing out. So please check it out and listen to the album and watch the DVD - it will blow your mind (available in our online store).

This Remix was first used as a bonus track for iTunes when it was first released back in March of 2008. When the physical CD+DVD release came about, Ikey wanted to release this track on a cassette tape w/ the "New Wave Mash-Up" (limited to only 100 copies) for the UPABOVE.COM online orders. The cassettes were gone before all the pre-orders were shipped out.

The Remix features the drummer from Reel Big Fish Ryland Steen, who also played on a few tracks on the "Suffer In Style" album as well as being featured in the Look Daggers DVD, "Alive For Now In Long Beach." On bass is Jessica Dobson who just toured with Beck as a member of his live band, as well as working on her solo project Deep Sea Diver.

Download "That Look" remix for free below. Enjoy!


Check out "The Making Of The New Wave Spazout" Music Video while you're at it!

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