Monday, May 24, 2010

LMNO & Kev Brown Europe Tour 05.21 - 06.05

LMNO & Kev Brown are in Europe in support of their latest masterpiece "Selective Hearing Part 2" out now! Peep the tour flyer below...


LMNO & Kev Brown "Selective Hearing Part 2"

I guess I never posted about the new LMNO & Kev Brown. This album has been getting great reviews and the two have been touring relentlessly in support of this album. Please get it from iTunes or Amazon and you will not be disappointed.

Featuring Guests: Chali 2na, Kaimbr, Kenn Starr, Hassaan Mackey, Mr. Brady, Declaime, Trek Life & LD on the cuts.

Entirely produced by Kev Brown


LD - Road Work Instrumental EP (Free Download)

LD has been LMNO's longtime DJ and engineer. He produced LMNO's "Push That Work" album (2010) as well as a majority of his "P's & Q's" (2005) album. But, LD is more than just LMNO's go to guy. The multi-talented artist has produced, engineered, mixed and/or done scratches for everyone from GZA & U-God of Wu-Tang to Raaka Iriscience & Evidence of Dilated Peoples.

While on tour with LMNO & Kev Brown in support of their latest album "Selective Hearing Part 2" (which LD did all the cuts on), LD was busy sitting shotgun the entire trip making these beats, and when we weren't in the car, he was busy in the hotel room, headphones on, creating these gems. The result is this 8-track EP, aptly titled "Road Work" Instrumentals.

The album is free and banging. Don't sleep, hit him up to produce your next masterpiece.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Selective Hearing Part 2 - URB Magazine Album Review

URB Magazine comes through with one of the best Album Reviews yet! LMNO & Kev Brown "Selective Hearing Part 2" in all digital stores now!

Long Beach native James Kelly and DC-based Kevin Brown have teamed up once again under their pseudonyms LMNO and Kev Brown, respectively, in an appropriate and highly anticipated return to their highly original and collaborative brainchild (and homage to) James Brown. Their original work was unleashed onto the world in 2008’s well-received and inventive Selective Hearing, a soulful serving of stylized beats and eloquent rhymes. With quality cuts like “The Beat Tape” and “The Cause,” James Brown threw down a debut of impressive caliber that established both LMNO and Kev Brown as a no-nonsense creative duo. Come 2010—James and Kev have been hard at work in the studio again, bringing new goodies to the faithful with their follow-up Selective Hearing Part 2. In part deux, LMNO and Kev Brown once again showcase their on-mic chemistry with accompanying flawless production that made their previous release a thoroughly satisfying listen. When one thinks of collaborative work in hip-hop, immediately what comes to mind is the host of remixes where an extra verse is added on in tacky fashion. Disclaimer: You won’t find this type of work here. In a true collaborative fashion, Selective Hearing Part 2 is a two-pronged endeavor; the combination of Kev Brown and LMNO is an unremitting, heavy-hitting, and clever interplay that illustrate each other’s diverse and complementary talents. As LMNO expresses of himself (and social networking) in his work on Good Gawd (featuring Hassaan Mackey), “I don’t appeal to the bitter. I never was a follower until Twitter.”

Selective Hearing Part 2 in many ways picks up exactly where the first album left off and is greatly expanded upon with original production coming straight from the mind of Kev Brown (who, like in the first release, is featured vocally—this time more prominently). The start studded guest vocals don’t lag too far behind either—guests like Chali 2na, Hassaan Mackey, Declaime, Kenn Starr and others lend their vocals to this ambitious musical project. The album begins on a very energetic note, the opener: “The Ultimate” sets off the album in an emphatic and decidedly hip-hop manner. Kev Brown and LMNO announce themselves as James Brown (JB’s) with appropriate funk/jazz/soul sample-based production reminiscent of some of the most iconic Pete Rock cuts. The second jam titled “James Brown” is one of the most stellar tracks on the album. This song really emphasizes the best of this duo, Kev Brown aptly lacing the track with some interesting rhymes (and brilliantly flipped samples) while LMNO awaits his vocal entrance (roughly a minute into the song)—and as is characteristic, LMNO comes correct with an uninhibited consciousness that comments on the staleness of the state of mainstream hip-hop. He rhymes: “It was stuffy, so we brought some ventilation—we need to air it with evaporation; to your video, radio and even your Playstation, James Brown flows with motivation.”

The first single release, “Ya Know” is a thoroughly headnodding and ingeniously sample-driven composition through a central multilayered chorus containing James Brown (the man himself) saying “Uh, with your bad self!” from the “Say It Loud (I’m Black and Proud)” original source. Kev Brown and James Kelly both employ conscious and multisyllabic rhyme schemes, which keep the pace of the music consistent, intelligibly moving from concept to concept. Kev Brown’s production is on point in this release and demonstrates his on and off-mic repertoire. The prolific LMNO can do no wrong; Kelly’s style is, as always, unique and identifiable as one that continually promotes positivity through the hip-hop art form. Other special tracks on this album include “Gotta Get It (featuring Kenn Starr)” and “Guaranteed (featuring Chali 2na of Jurassic 5).” Although I single these tracks out as my personal go-to favorites, all the tracks are accomplished and well authored in their own right. LMNO & Kev Brown’s music expresses the humor, reality and history of their experiences, always keeping their musical elements cohesive through their palpable on-mic chemistry. As James Kelly/LMNO says on another of the standout tracks on this album featuring Declaime and Mr. Brady, “James Brown we stay rocking, knocking down these doors ever so often; cause a reaction without bashing; we stay clashing with the speakers blasting!

Check out the first single off Selective Hearing Part 2 “Ya Know” and look out for LMNO and Kev Brown who are currently touring throughout the United States and Europe! If their recorded work in both Part 1 and 2 are any indication, their live show is bound to be off the hook!

Selective Hearing Part 2 - Gutter Magazine Album Review

Another stellar review for The JB's! Gutter Magazine praises "Selective Hearing Part 2" from front to back. Do yourself a favor people and cop the new album!

I've mentioned already that my favorite type of hip hop album one with chemistry between an emcee and a producer, which is in today's era is very rare in most cases. But not to worry, cuz in 2010 there is hope that good hip hop music being created.

Long Beach California's LMNO (Leave My Name Out) has teamed up with Landover, Maryland native producer Kev Brown, to bring a continued version of 2008's "Selective Hearing." Highly anticipated Part 2 pays homage to the late James Brown, with soulful chopped samples, and very intelligent rhymes.
This album is somewhat different then the first effort, even though it picks up where the first album left off and features Kev on the mic prominently as well as a vast amount of collabs from Kenn Starr (Low Budget), Kambir, Hassaan Mackey, Declaime, and Mr. Brady.

"The Ultimate" sets things off right in JB-inspired style with signature Kev Brown bass-lines and heavy dramatic drums and LMNO exchanging bars back and forth with Kev. On "Do it Again", JB gets a guest verse with LA legend emcee Trek Life on a joint based on how to bag chicks at hip hop shows. The hook is "we had a little time to talk, just enough to know that she's feeling the kid." and its backed with a neck snapping boom bap vibe sort of like a 70's sitcom or blaxploitation themed joint.

LMNO and Kev def give you what you need on "Guaranteed" feat. Jurassic Five's Chali 2na. This track is a good example of creative energy dope beats and dope rhymes, no concepts involved, 2na manhandles the beat with rhymes like, "while record execs play demos, in grey limos, I get this in, up in ya chin like jay leno". One of my favorite pieces from this album which was if im not mistaken a extra bonus track that never made "Selective Hearing" is called "James Brown" which consists of heavily chopped samples from an actual James Brown track. On it, Kev advises that we need to turn the radio down for the sake of the children, while LMNO gives computer nerds rhymes like "Log off, turn that blog off, caught off guard, this is that sawed of, engaged on the on slaught doing it to death." The head nodding and the first lead single "Ya Know", with cuts by LMNO's dj LD and the main himself James Brown on the hook from the original song "Say it Loud." LD cuts up Brown'd vocals by saying "Uh Your Bad Self." "Selective Hearing Part 2" accommodates the Aspiring Emcees, with L's Ecentric Rhymes, and for upcoming producers listening to how Kev flips samples.
LMNO and Kev Brown are currently on tour USA and soon Europe, so definitely support and this is a given gift for any hip hop lover. Check the first single "Ya Know"

Selective Hearing Part 2 - Above Ground Magazine Album Review

Above Ground Magazine were kind enough to review LMNO & Kev's latest masterpiece "Selective Hearing Part 2" (out now). Read the review in full below:

Heading into their 2nd collabo album together, the unlikely pair that is Cali underground staple and Visionaries LMNO and saavy Maryland beatsmith Kev Brown seem to be poised to become the best frequent collab duo this side of Murs and 9th Wonder…If you don’t believe me just go listen to their latest collab album Selective Hearing Part 2; a respectful bow in the direction of the music industry’s most prolific Soul man, the late James Brown.

The marks were all high after these two first took us on a jaunt through their sound clashing, and I’m pleased to say after this 2nd whirl the grades are equally impressive. Combining to form a force that they label “James Brown” (after LMNO’s 1st name and Kev’s last) the energy and raw aesthetic in this album’s music is probably the caliber of which the real Mr. James Brown would highly approve of. Fittingly at moments on this album Kev uses some samples from the late Godfather of Soul to highlight LMNO’s dense wordplay…The opening cut, “The Ultimate” is just damn near perfect as it finds Kev and L trading bars over a gloriously funky beat source.

While we’re not treated to a huge amount of music (there’s only 11 tracks here) what is contained is pure hip-hop at it’s highest underground degree. Kev’s minimalist, yet crafty beat stylings power heavy joints like “Kragenoff” and “We Stay Rockin”. There’s little to no filler to be found and if your browsing around for an album that’s strictly beats and rhymes oriented this is your top shelf choice. A particular track that jumped out as a personal favorite was the Trek Life assisted “Do It Again”, where Kev doled out perhaps his best vocal performance of the album over a raucously fun sound bed that sports excellently placed cymbal crashes.

The chemistry between Kev and L remains plentiful as things progress and the inclusion of some of Kev’s Low Budget fam only adds to the witches brew of insightful, hard line lyrics. Kenn Starr steals the show with a strong performance on the hypnotizing “Gotta Get It”; a satisfying offering no matter what your level of MC deciphering is. Not to be out done, LMNO flexes his Visionaries crew connections and has Chal 2na come through for a moment to bruise one of Kev’s strongest beat selections from the entire album. The former Jurassic 5′er is impressive and lends the pair one of his better verses in recent memory for the infectious banger that is “Guaranteed”.

Listening to Selective Hearing Part 2 there’s no doubt your focus will be consumed. Kev found a great stride with his beatwork & rhyming, and L is steadily improving into one of my fav. oddball delivery flowers the underground circuit has to offer. While they don’t re-invent the wheel, they do definitely provide ample Hip-Hop themes that stir up the magic that thee original James Brown used in his un-flinching brand of funk…the fingerprint that the Hardest Working Man In Show Business left us is perhaps one of the greatest of any heavily sampled musician in Hip-Hop. The nod that Kev and L pay him here is dully appreciated and the type of task that is revisiting some of his work in a new way truly is only undertaken by the headiest of musical minds. The only thing that took away from this album being absolutely perfect was that it was simply just not long enough.

$17.99 out of $20

-Dominick “BIG D O” Ledezma

Monday, May 10, 2010

LMNO & Kev Brown "Selective Hearing Part 2" HipHop DX Album Review

LMNO & Kev Brown will be releasing their second collaborative album "Selective Hearing Part 2" tomorrow, May 11th and Hip Hop DX has just posted a nice album review. You can check it out below:

In a time when too many artists release over-thought concept albums, it’s nice to come across a record like LMNO & Kev Brown’s Selective Hearing, Part 2. The two artists have stuck to a simple theme: James Brown. The opening line of the opening song, “The Ultimate,” which features suitably funky breaks and The Godfather of Soul's trademark ad-libs and grunts urging the emcees on, is “James Brown is the ultimate,” and that serves as the thesis for the whole sequel collaborative LP. All the music on the album is made up of samples of Brown’s work - and work he had a major influence on. But the legend’s music is not the only thing inspiring the duo; the man’s outsized ego and immodest nature inform their lyrics as well. Each track features both raw, forceful Funk (sometimes very manipulated, sometimes played fairly straight) and boastful, shit-talking verses. Selective Hearing Part 2 has a uniform sound, but it's a pleasure to the ear, and a reminder of who made a way for this thing of ours.

A onetime DJ Jazzy Jeff protege, Kev Brown challenges himself with a new approach, both in his catalog and his work with L. Occasionally, that production leans a little too heavily on the sample, like on a track like "Ya Know," where the breakbeat and James Brown's cut-up vocals are more interesting that any other song accent. For the most part, this is hardly a problem and the album has a stack of stand-out tracks. “We Stay Rockin’” features a great staggering, metallic beat augmented with symbol splashes. Brief but impactful guest spots by Declaime and Mr. Brady ("What's up Kev, man, this beat's outrageous / I banged it so loud that it woke up my neighbors / We got flavor your shit's full of additives") lyrically stay in line with LMNO and Kev Brown's old school bluster. “Kragenoff” also features a notable guest spot, this one by Kaimbr who over the tracks tinny guitar line, crispy snare, and throbbing bass, spits comical lines like “Duck hunting, I got nines / I need a ten 'doe / Touch down in L.A. for endo / With kinfolk." Beyond their bragging and boasting LMNO and Kev Brown make a point to set themselves apart from current trends, for example Kev Brown’s line on “James Brown”, “Might take ‘em a minute to over-stand / I'm lo-fi, Low Budget / What of it? / They sound so lost it's time to get rugged,” or LMNO’s claim to be “Doing what’s natural in a world of plastic” over the molasses-thick bassline in “Gotta Get It.” Elsewhere, on “James Brown Pt. 2,” LMNO shows a gift for more abstract lyricism which he uses to make something original out of a relatively mundane act, “Needles drop, find the groove / Scratch the surface, somethin' so smooth / Move with the sun and moon in good shape / The way the deejay's run too come through with laptops or crates / Snatched off a cassette tape and ran into a dub plate."

The second installment of Selective Hearing'a two best tracks are the ones that do the most with The Hardest Working Man In Show Business’ music. First up is “Good Gawd.” Kev Brown’s intense mixture of thudding piano, horn splashes, and the ever-present drums and bass creates a pulsating, intoxicating beat. Over which he spits “I'm real talk they not hardly / James told me to go in / I guess we gon' crash the party,” and that fits in perfectly with the record's main conceit: James Brown’s bone-simple Funk, a healthy ego, and talent on the mic are all you need to create great Hip Hop. That is, of course, if you also happen to be extremely talented at putting those pieces together. "Raw, gritty, dynamite soul, superman rap" is how guest Hassaan Mackey describes it in his exceptional guest verse. That description certainly fits “Guaranteed,” where Kev Brown uses the Funky People Records founder's music to create an almost psychedelic background featuring a distorted, fried guitar sample that occasionally bursts into the foreground in startling clarity. The track also features some of LMNO’s best lyrics: “My head's high / My overhead's low / Came from the middle with two places to go / I chose to grow/I'm not hard to like and not easy to impress."

The album may not be revolutionary in its conception or execution, as you can find similar Brown studies such as Edan's Sound of the Funky Drummer. But halfway through a year that will see LMNO release an album a month, this is the far-and-away his greatest, most meaningful work of 2010. Just as was the case in their 2008 union, when the Visionaries emcee and the Low Budget emcee/producer cross paths, the bi-coastal duo meet each other in the middle of a groove. At a time in Hip Hop where James Brown's blueprint feels like its gone to crates out of reach, Selective Hearing Part 2 brings it back, like the deejays who taught us in the first place.

LMNO & Kev Brown in Albuquerque, NM @ The Launch Pad 5/10/10

LMNO & Kev Brown will perform their last out of state show for their West Coast tour. Tonight, they will be at the Launch Pad in Albuquerque, NM, and then we return to Cali for a show in Palm Springs on Thursday, May 13th and Los Angeles Friday, May 14th.

Friday, May 7, 2010

LMNO & Kev Brown in Colorado

LMNO & Kev Brown have landed in Colorado and will be there for the next three days. Make sure to check them out!

Friday, May 7th - Denver, CO - The Walnut Room / tickets:
Saturday, May 8th - Colorado Springs, CO - Thunder & Buttons (FREE)
Sunday, May 9th - Pueblo, CO - Senate / $5

LMNO & Kev Brown "Selective Hearing Part 2" out May 11th (digital release)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LMNO & Kev Brown Tour Photos

Only a few days into the tour but we have a few pictures for your viewing.

Tonight! May 4th - LMNO & Kev Brown w/ LD on the cut aka The JB's in Boise, ID at Reef. FREE SHOW

Tomorrow! May 5th - LMNO & Kev Brown w/ LD on the cut aka The JB's in Salt Lake City, UT at The Urban Lounge.

Check UPABOVE.COM for all tour dates and info.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

LMNO & Kev Brown w/ JFK in Seattle, WA

LMNO & Kev Brown
JFK of Grayskul

Where: Chop Suey / Seattle, WA
When: Monday, May 3rd

LMNO & Kev Brown
Selective Hearing Part 2
coming May 11th

Saturday, May 1, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD: LMNO & Kev Brown "Ya Know"

FREE Download: LMNO & Kev Brown single "Ya Know"

LMNO & Kev Brown "Selective Hearing Part 2" - May 11th

LMNO & Kev Brown Tour - Portland, OR

Come to The Report Lounge in Portland, OR tonight!

We're also performing a couple songs at the Million Man Marijuana March in downtown Portland around 4pm.

05.03 - Chop Suey - Seattle, WA. Get tickets:
05.04 - Reef - Boise, ID - FREE SHOW
for the rest of the dates, check