Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Selective Hearing Part 2 - Gutter Magazine Album Review

Another stellar review for The JB's! Gutter Magazine praises "Selective Hearing Part 2" from front to back. Do yourself a favor people and cop the new album!

I've mentioned already that my favorite type of hip hop album one with chemistry between an emcee and a producer, which is in today's era is very rare in most cases. But not to worry, cuz in 2010 there is hope that good hip hop music being created.

Long Beach California's LMNO (Leave My Name Out) has teamed up with Landover, Maryland native producer Kev Brown, to bring a continued version of 2008's "Selective Hearing." Highly anticipated Part 2 pays homage to the late James Brown, with soulful chopped samples, and very intelligent rhymes.
This album is somewhat different then the first effort, even though it picks up where the first album left off and features Kev on the mic prominently as well as a vast amount of collabs from Kenn Starr (Low Budget), Kambir, Hassaan Mackey, Declaime, and Mr. Brady.

"The Ultimate" sets things off right in JB-inspired style with signature Kev Brown bass-lines and heavy dramatic drums and LMNO exchanging bars back and forth with Kev. On "Do it Again", JB gets a guest verse with LA legend emcee Trek Life on a joint based on how to bag chicks at hip hop shows. The hook is "we had a little time to talk, just enough to know that she's feeling the kid." and its backed with a neck snapping boom bap vibe sort of like a 70's sitcom or blaxploitation themed joint.

LMNO and Kev def give you what you need on "Guaranteed" feat. Jurassic Five's Chali 2na. This track is a good example of creative energy dope beats and dope rhymes, no concepts involved, 2na manhandles the beat with rhymes like, "while record execs play demos, in grey limos, I get this in, up in ya chin like jay leno". One of my favorite pieces from this album which was if im not mistaken a extra bonus track that never made "Selective Hearing" is called "James Brown" which consists of heavily chopped samples from an actual James Brown track. On it, Kev advises that we need to turn the radio down for the sake of the children, while LMNO gives computer nerds rhymes like "Log off, turn that blog off, caught off guard, this is that sawed of, engaged on the on slaught doing it to death." The head nodding and the first lead single "Ya Know", with cuts by LMNO's dj LD and the main himself James Brown on the hook from the original song "Say it Loud." LD cuts up Brown'd vocals by saying "Uh Your Bad Self." "Selective Hearing Part 2" accommodates the Aspiring Emcees, with L's Ecentric Rhymes, and for upcoming producers listening to how Kev flips samples.
LMNO and Kev Brown are currently on tour USA and soon Europe, so definitely support and this is a given gift for any hip hop lover. Check the first single "Ya Know"

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