Friday, March 13, 2009

This Is The Life

This Is The Life - a documentary about the early 90's movement of young artists exploring the boundaries of hip-hop music at The Good Life Cafe in South Central Los Angeles. That's a very basic synopsis, but if you know anything about The Good Life Cafe, you know it has birthed some of the greatest emcees of all time: Jurassic 5, Freestyle Fellowship, Abstract Rude, CVE, OMD (2Mex & Xololanxinxo), Ellay Khule aka Rifleman, Medusa, the list can go on forever.

I finally got to watch the film last night at their very special screening at The Downtown Independent Theatre in downtown LA, and it blew my mind. First hand interviews and exclusive footage from the people who lived through the epic time made the film extremely personable, you felt like you were there. At the end of the film, Cut Chemist (dubbed as the only white guy at The Good Life) took part in a Q+A with the audience which delved even deeper into his personal perspective of the importance of The Good life and how its existence was responsible for so many artists, how it made an impact on himself as a musician, and how it was responsible for the creation of his group at the time, Jurassic 5.

2Mex of the Visionaries will be the very special guest tomorrow, March 14th. He'll be doing a few songs for the crowd as well as a Q+A (I think). The cost of the show is only $10 and I would say it is well worth every penny. Go out and support and find your roots.

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