Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look Daggers Detroit Bar Video

Because of Chris Clawson's broken arm (Look Daggers drummer), the Daggers band could not make it out, but if you know Ikey, you know he has a million musicians in his rolodex. So, Ikey took members of his other band Free Moral Agents, added his brother Eugene (once the musical director for Lauryn Hill's band) on bass, and viola, you have a show.

The crowd:
as the "Free Moral Daggers" started their set, they were greeted with chants of "Rae-kwon, Rae-kwon" and of course, "Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang." Unfazed by the restless audience, 2Mex continued his raps and the band continued their musical destruction. As the chanting continued and grew louder, 2Mex took it upon himself to leave the stage, go into the crowd of people, and literally rap directly in their faces all while holding the mic to their mouths as they continued to chant.

I was waiting for a fight to break out. But, slowly and surely, the audience began to quiet down, and chants of "2MEX" became more and more audible, even from those who were once screaming for Raekwon. I have never seen a crowd as hostile (and drunk) as that turn from talking sh-t to giving huge props...a complete 180 in my book.

I think it's safe to say that the "Free Moral Daggers" won the crowd over.

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