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LMNO - Push That Work (Review)

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LMNO is one of the world’s hardest working emcees and is taking that Work Ethic to another level this year. LMNO is taking his status to the next level by releasing 10 albums this year each album featuring a different producer. The first of these 10 albums starts with “Push That Work” produced entirely by LD of Technicali. I hadn’t heard of LD until this record, but he’s done with work with LMNO before and in fact produced LMNO’s album “Work Ethic” so fans have seen this duo before. The question is does LMNO start this 10 album campaign on the right note.

Right off the bat, I realized the album flows nicely together, LD and LMNO show chemistry together. I remember listening to the previews and “Sound The Horns” was an immediate favorite of mine and listening to the entire track was just a blessing to my ears.

Upon looking at the tracklist I was kind of bummed at the lack of guest appearances on the album. “Paid Vacation” is an amazing track featuring The Prime (Luckyiam & Sapient of Living Legends) and JFK of Grayskul (who also appeared on “Fashion Show” from the LMNO and Yann Kesz album). The track covers the whole idea of music being so much fun that it’s not considered a job. LD has a lot versatility on the beats and he shows it here, this is one of my favorites.

“Cali Queen” is right after that and LMNO explains his love for living in California and how it has positive and negative sides but is still the home he loves to come home to. LMNO’s lyricism seems to improve as the record progresses and reaches a peak in my opinion with “Computer Crashes”. It basically talks of how our world would more or less get destroyed if technologically were to crash.

It’s only fair that I talk about LD a little bit, first off LD shows his versatility on this project. However when I listened to the promo video for “Push That Work” LD said that the duo had recorded over 200 tracks, we get 14 tracks with this album and I could’ve swore LD or LMNO said we’d see more of these tracks eventually. So could they be hinting at another project?

If the answer to the previous question is an astounding yes, then I will be first in line to buy this album because LD’s production and LMNO’s rhyme style and flow are amazing. The only real gripe I had against this album is that I felt like LMNO doesn’t really change his rap style, though at the same time he might be taking the whole don’t fix what ain’t broke approach, it just sounds like I’ve heard this LMNO before. However don’t let that stop you from picking up “Push That Work” because it is so close to a classic that it’s ridiculous!


LD+LMNO= a duo for the ages

“Paid Vacation” and “Sound The Horns”

LD has very diverse production and LMNO has veteran rhymes need I say more


I feel like I’ve heard this LMNO before as in the lyrics sound the same.

Rating: 4.5/5 (Almost classic BUY IT NOW!!!)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

1. Paid Vacation feat. The Prime and JFK of Grayskul

2. Sound The Horns

3. Working

4. I’m In

5. Long Time Coming

Listen to samples here: UPABOVE.COM

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