Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DJ Breeze: Latch Key Kid Chronicles

Our good friend DJ Breeze just release a new album featuring a large portion of the LA Underground family including Visionaries members LMNO & Lord Zen. Peep the tracklist below and cop the LP!

1 L.K.K.C. Intro
2 The Light (feat. Lord Zen)
3 Burn (feat. Ld & Ariano)
4 Get It Clear- Remix (feat. Toquan)
5 Here Right Now (feat. Rakaa Iriscience)
6 Battle For Self (feat. Pawz One)
7 Poker Face
8 Those Who Pose Lyrical (feat. Amad Jamal)
9 Raised On The Real
10 Smash On (feat. LMNO)
11 The L.K.K.C. (feat. Prince Po)
12 Righteous Kill (feat. Bambu)
13 Peace At Last
14 On Par (feat. Trek Life)
15 The True (feat. Scarub)
16 Occur To You (feat. Mike The Poet)

Cop the LP here (click)

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