Wednesday, September 30, 2009

24hrs with LMNO

24hrs with LMNO. A short but sweet video of our quick trip to Vegas - a trip we all know too well.

On Friday, September 4th of this year, I was invited to tag along on LMNO's journey to Las Vegas where he had a show at the Bunkhouse. We were only going to be gone for 24hrs, but that's all it took for us to leave a lasting impression on the Las Vegas hip-hop scene.

The pictures I took were horrible so I'm only putting up a few that came out okay.

This guy had an original Battle Axe copy of LMNO's Grin & Bear It - if you have one, consider yourself lucky, you CAN NOT find that in the LA area anymore.

And of course, the limited LRG "LEAVE MY NAME OUT" t-shirts. Only sold at shows.

This had nothing to do with the show, but on the way home we saw this cloud...or was it cloud? What does it look like to you?

new album in stores 11.17.09

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